8th April 2019

Launch of the North East and North Cumbria Healthy Hearts website

Health organisations across North East and North Cumbria have teamed up to raise awareness of Cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention and launch a Healthy Hearts initiative.

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The aim of North East and North Cumbria Healthy Hearts Initiative is to reduce the impact of heart disease and prevent the number of heart-related illness, including heart attacks, every year across North East and North Cumbria.

What are we doing in North East and North Cumbria to tackle CVD?

Within our area, commissioners are working with local health providers and public health on a number of projects to tackle CVD. For example:

  • Piloting services within the community – e.g. in the workplace and local pharmacies – so that we can enable people to have their blood pressure and pulse tested without having to make an appointment with their GP practice.
  • Working to ensure that Atrial fibrillation/ Hypertension is diagnosed.
  • Working to ensure that people with a diagnosis of Atrial fibrillation/ Hypertension/ High Cholestorol are on appropriate medication for the condition(s).
  • Promoting and encouraging people to attend their NHS health check invitation.
  • Commissioning and promoting support services to reduce risk factors, for example, smoking cessation, healthy weight and physical activity services.

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